How to expand your business in France due to PR ?

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How to expand your business in France due to PR ?

How do PR (press relations) work in France ?

PR is one of the components of your communication and marketing plan to expand your business in France. PR is the action to communicate your business news to a list of reporters by sending a press release. In France, when you send a press release to reporters, they have the right to publish your news or not to publish it. And the decision to publish or not remains the responsibility of the reporter. You don’t pay them in order to be published in their media. You can pay the media by buying a space, an advertising insert or an advertorial where it will be clearly mentioned that it’s a sponsored article or an advertisement.

If your company does not have someone with adequate fluency in French, you’ll have to hire competent language services (in your company or outsourced). You will need a french speaker to write your press release in French and to speak directly with reporters. If you need help we can find you the expert to write your press release and make follow up phone calls (get in touch with reporters) ? We can connect you with the right person with already settled price. Please contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

To do PR in France, you must always have two things in mind :

  • Reporters are not in the business of advertising a particular company.
  • The aim of the media is to provide information and an analysis or insight of a topic.

You have several tools to contact reporters, but the most commonly used is the press release. It’s a document of 1 or 2 pages maximum. You have to send it by email to a qualified list of reporters of your sector. The reporter has to identify and understand your messages very quicky among at least 300 other press releases in his email box. You need to made your email object impactful or eye-catching to make reporters want to read your document and your news.


Why it’s strategic to use PR ?

The power of French media and reporters’ influence on your prospects and customers must be integrated into your strategy of French expansion.

PR is strategic for your business for several reasons :

  • Present your goods or services and conquer new customers
  • Develop your brand image in the French market, make yourself known, gain legitimacy and credibility with your future customers
  • Promote your values in the French Market
  • Build new partnerships
  • Search for French investors


How much does it cost ?

This is THE question that everyone asks themselves. If you want to hire a press relation agency you will be charged at least 2500€ per month with a time commitment of 3 or 6 months minimum (depends on the agency). You can find a PR freelance who will be less expensive than an agency but also with a time commitment.

You have the opportunity to launch a PR campaign by your own with 2 options

  • Option 1 : you purchase a reporters’ database and you select the reporters you want to send your press release to (about 2000€ without VAT per year subscription).
  • Option 2 : you use a PR tool like AlgoLinked. We have developed a PR tool based on a semantic algorithm and AI. It takes just 2 seconds to find the perfect match among all reporters who use the same keywords in their articles as the keywords used in the press release. For you, it’s the guarantee that reporters will be interested in your press release because they follow these kinds of subjects on the French market. You can begin and launch your first PR campaign by buying 1 credit. It’s 280€ without VAT to send 1 press release to a qualified list of reporters.


How can you do it easily with AlgoLinked ?

You can inform them about your expansion, new products, new clients, French partnerships, or announce other relevant information about your business for the French market.

You have got 2 offers to launch your PR campaign :

  • If you need to send a press release occasionnally, you can just buy credits (1 credit 280€ without VAT = 1 campaign = 1 press release distribution). Choose the number of credits you need and buy them directly online with your credit card. (Pay just what you need. You will not be charged monthly).
The PR campaign includes :

  • 1 press release to send
  • 2 hours of credit to call reporters on your own by using our call back tool
  • 10 advice sheets
  • Press room to customize
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Media coverage monitoring

1 credit


280€ without VAT

Without subscription

Without commitment

Without time limits


  • If you need to send press releases regularly, you can buy an annual and illimited access to

AlgoLinked tool (2500€ without VAT per year)

The annual and illimited subscription includes :

  • Unlimited press releases distribution
  • Unlimited hours of credit to call reporters on your own by using our call back tool
  • 100 advice sheets
  • Press room to customize
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Media coverage monitoring

2 500€

without VAT

per year


How to use AlgoLinked ?

  • Step 1 : Write your press release or press invitation
  • Step 2 : Target a qualified list of reporters and send it to them
  • Step 3 : Follow your open rate and give them a call back
  • Step 4 : Monitor your media coverage


Would you like to send your first press release ? Contact us or create your account on


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